Our Goals and Objectives

2017 Goal

Share the love of Jesus Christ through

intentional personal and community outreach.

Objectives to reach the 2017 Goal:



  • Increase worship attendance by 5%.

  • Monitor the usage of live streaming for our worship services and evaluate in November.

  • Conduct a minimum of six special worship services in the community.

  • Investigate requirements for conducting a service at an alternate time or location.



  • Teach “How and Why” classes for evangelizing across all age groups, in Sunday School classes, Wednesday Night Connection classes, and for sermon series topics.

  • Increase attendance for Sunday School, Youth Groups, Young Adults, and Wednesday Night Connection Learn Groups by 5%.



  • Educate and recruit volunteers for the eight local missions Living Word is currently involved in.

  • Increase awareness of national/global mission opportunities through Worship promotions and special events.

  • Increase participation in mission opportunities by 5%.

  • Educate and increase participation for “in house” serving at Living Word.

  • Partner with other churches for mission opportunities.



  • Increase Living Word’s presence in the community for all age groups.

  • Partner with other churches for various celebrations and events.