Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests – July 15, 2018

Dora Trevino
Norice Mitchell
Stephen Schultheis
Doris Hirtz
Kim Reed
John Flach
Amit Kumar
Don Toone
Brenda Toone
Emmy Lind
Carol Margreiter
Doug Nash
Judy Hoffman
Jean Hastings
Tom Sagehorn
Nini Schneider
Marty Schnatterly
Art Schnatterly
Bill Cruse

New McKendree mission team as they are currently in Haiti

The Willey and Mann families on the loss Ken Mann’s brother-in-law, Buck Willey

The Yocco family on the loss of their daughter, Gina Marie Yocco

The Crist and Seaton families on the loss of Jordan Crist’s father, Jay Richard Crist