For the last 13 years, Living Word has taken up an offering on Christmas Eve that is designated to support signature missions.

What are signature missions?

They are organizations that have submitted a grant application that is reviewed by the Mission Team which is made of Living Word Church members. The application is designed to answer the question how can Living Word not only support this organization financially but how does this affiliation allow our congregation to be actively involved?

We are excited to announce the five signature missions that the Living Word Mission Team has chosen. They are Circle of Concern, HavenHouse St. Louis, Meramec School, Sweet Babies, and The Ghana Project.

100% of the contributions given to the Christmas Miracle Offering will be used to benefit these five organizations.

  • CIRCLE OF CONCERN feeds the hungry and provides assistance to families living in West St. Louis County.
  • HAVENHOUSE ST. LOUIS provides housing, transportation, and services for families who travel to St. Louis for medical care.
  • MERAMEC SCHOOL is Living Word’s school partner in St Louis City. We provide supplies, a reading specialist, tutors, and more.
  • SWEET BABIES provides essential needs to underserved families giving birth at SSM Health St. Mary’s and DePaul Hospitals.
  • THE GHANA PROJECT provides clean water to the people of northern Ghana and helps with their spiritual growth, education, agriculture, and medical needs.