Buipe Teachers Funded


We were devastated to find children trying to teach children in Buipe when we first arrived in 2011.  Because the funding for the teachers in Buipe had been cut due to biases in the local education system, no teachers were being paid to show up for class in Buipe.  When our team arrived in late 2011, they saw children showing up for class, hoping that a teacher would be there that day…unfortunately, no one showed up day after day.  Since there was such a desire to learn, the older children did their best to teach the younger students each day the teachers didn’t show up.  After a little investigating, we were able to find out that the amount it would cost to fund the teachers for each year there just so happened to be the same amount of money we sent with the mission team for any possible mission opportunities that sprung up.  This is again proof how God is working in Ghana through the Ghana Project.