Our Goals and Objectives

2018 Goal

Nurture a Culture of Invitation

Objectives to reach the 2018 Goal:


WORSHIP – how we interact with God   

  • 5% increase in 1st time guests, 2nd time guests and total attendance.

  • 5% increase in new memberships & baptisms.

  • Highlight stories of invitation monthly.

  • Plan a quarterly “Invite a Friend” special Sunday service.

  • Survey the Living Word family regarding worship interests/preferences.

  • Survey the community surrounding Living Word regarding worship interests/preferences.


LEARN – how we build disciples

  • Begin specific small group disciple ministry.

  • Quarterly learning opportunities targeting specific age groups (such as: young adults, young families (parenting), and older adults) and evaluate attendance.

  • Encourage existing classes and groups to have intentional special event invite opportunities. (non-threatening and relationship opportunities).

  • Survey the Living Word Family about Bible Study and learn opportunities and develop next steps to meet the needs of the church community.


SERVE – how we act

  • Develop a community outreach / evangelism group representing all age groups.

  • Survey the Living Word Family about serve opportunities.

  • Presence in community – 4- 6 events per year to help build relationships and make easy gateways into the church community.


CELEBRATE – how we live

  • Host “Meet the Neighbor” evenings in new subdivisions. (Kona Ice Truck)

  • Host two events on church grounds for the community (examples: eclipse party, open house). 

  • Identify an offsite location for young adults to meet (Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks).