Never been here before? Wondering what to expect?

While we have both contemporary and traditional worship styles on Sunday morning, you’ll find a pretty comfortable atmosphere at all our worship services. Dress however you’d like for whatever service you’d like – you’ll find some pretty casual attire and some people pretty dressed up. That’s OK. And don’t worry – you’re not going to get called out in the worship service and asked to tell us your life story – we want you to feel welcome, but we don’t want you to feel like you’re “on display” either.

You can learn more about our worship services here.

Already looking for some adult discussion groups in addition to worship? We’ve got adult groups that are Bible-study oriented, book-study oriented, life-skills oriented, and service-ministry oriented. You can get more details on the Adult Ministry Page.

Why a Central Hub? The hub helps you find the information you are looking for very quickly. The current tabs are “Sermon,” “Connect,” “Prayer Request,” “Giving,” “News,” and “Calendar.” You can access it at and add it to your home screen on your iPad or smartphone. This is a great communication tool to help you connect and keep up with everything happening at Living Word.