Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests – April 5, 2020

Mary Stevens

Rev. Doug Kraus

Hope Kraus

Mike Derryberry

Denise Traschel

Joshua Dale Watson

Rebecca Ware-Mitchell

Doug Nash

Charlotte Ottley

Vicki Robinson

Delaney Digman

Bill Reichter

Bob Vincent

Peggy Cruse

Bill Cruse

Sophia Miller

Judy Hoffman

Nini Schneider

Everyone affected by the COVID-19 outbreak

The Bentrup and Widdicombe families on the loss of Wally Bentrup

The Rawls family on the loss of Craig Rawls
The Wick and Andreas families on the loss of Peggy Andreas’s mother, Rosemary Wick
The Sappington family on the loss of Phyllis Sappington’s husband, Al Sappington