Prayer Team Ministry

Being apart of the Living Word community means that we are there for each other. God wants us to lift up our cares and concerns to Him. Supporting each other in prayer is a beautiful act of love for one another.

Do you want us to pray for you or a loved one? You can submit a request during Sunday morning worship services using the Connect Card or by clicking on the link above. Your prayer request will be shared with the Prayer Team. If you would like the request to remain confidential, please let us know.

Please hold the following individuals in your personal prayers. Names are kept on the prayer list for two weeks. 

Do you desire to be on the Prayer Team? Besides praying daily, the Prayer Team meets quarterly for fellowship and to plan events encouraging the church and community to be more prayer-focused. Contact Val Novatny at for more information.

Prayer List

Barry Eschenbrenner
Mark Grossenheider
Natalie Grossenheider
Mitch Mitchell
Nadine Mordt
Bill Reichter
Jan Reichter
Art Schnatterly
Nini Schneider
Coleman Family
Fowler Family
Thibault Family

The Brooks family on the passing of Don Brooks
The Derickson family on the passing of Derwood Derickson
The Dickson family on the passing of Georgia Dickson
The Mueller and Lindemann family on the passing of Renee Mueller
The Primm family on the passing of Jerry Primm