Facility Usage

Need to schedule an event or meeting at Living Word?

Please read the Building Use Handbook to understand our policy and your responsibilities with regard to building use.  Fee schedules are found at the end of the handbook.


We’d love to help make your event as successful as possible.  If you would like to reserve a room for a non-Living Word event or you require non standard room configuration, please email details to Cindy Brown,  You will be contacted to arrange a planning meeting.

If you would like to schedule an event when the church building is closed, please contact the church office, 636-821-2800 and ask for Greg.

Living Word Use or Event

If you would like to schedule an event or facility use for a current ministry of LW, contact your staff liason.

Living Word Inclement Weather Policy

St. Louis weather can be very unpredictable.

In the event of inclement weather Living Word will:

  • Cancel all daytime ministries if Rockwood School District cancels school.
  • Post all cancellations and updates (including evening and weekend cancellations) on the Living Word website, Facebook, and send an all-church email and text.  We will also post on KSDK Channel 5, FOX Channel 2, and KMOV Channel 4.
Church Financials

At Living Word, we recognize that your financial giving is part of your personal sacrifice for the work of Jesus Christ.  For this reason, we want you to be aware of how the dollars you give are working toward that mission.

Small Bus Authorization

Helpful Driver Instructions and Tips for Driving the 2008 Ford Bus

If you are planning to drive the 2008 Ford Bus that does not require a CDL license, please familiarize yourself with these rules.  Also, if you would like to be a part of the bus ministry at Living Word or have questions, please contact Mark Turner, Director of Facilities Management.

All drivers must be auto safety and driver background certified.  Here are the forms required for this certification.

  • auto safety certification form
  • driver background certification form

If you will be supervising children, youth or vulnerable adults while driving, you will need to be Good Shepherd certified.  Please refer to the Good Shepherd page and follow the instructions for certification.  If you are already Good Shepherd certified, you will need to complete the Auto Safety Form and Driver Background Certification Form (unless you were driver certified already as part of the Good Shepherd process).

Lastly, once you have read the rules, please complete this form for our files.  To obtain keys before driving, or if you have any questions, email

Good Shepherd

What is Good Shepherd?

Living Word’s Good Shepherd Program is designed to help reduce the risk of abuse or injury to infants, children, youth, and vulnerable/older adults who participate in our programs. We strongly believe that we must strive to protect children, youth, and vulnerable/older adults from all forms of maltreatment, so this program tries to be as comprehensive as possible.

Who should complete the Good Shepherd Program?

All persons desiring to volunteer in programs with children, youth, or vulnerable/older adults must be Good Shepherd certified in order to participate.

What is the Good Shepherd Rapid Response Book?

The Good Shepherd Rapid Response Book addresses the mandatory response to four categories of emergency situations that may arise in spite of our best efforts to keep children, youth, and vulnerable/older adults safe through the Good Shepherd Program:

·     Imminent Danger (Fire, Tornado, Intruder)

·     Physical Injury

·     Missing Children

·     Reported or Observed Abuse
Feel free to read our full Good Shepherd policy.

YOUTH - (students who have completed 5th grade and up) Follow the steps to become Good Shepherd Certified or Re-certified:
ADULTS of Living Word Church - Follow the steps to become Good Shepherd Certified or Re-certified:

If you need to re-certify your Good Shepherd, START HERE

Otherwise, for first timers, 


For the names you listed on your application, copy this Reference form link  and send to those 3 people.

You will receive an email notification when your file is complete.  Should you have any questions, you may contact

Cindy Brown, Administrative Assistant/Office Coordinator.

SCOUTS - For Scout Leaders ONLY

To certify or re-certify start here.

If you are NEW to SCOUTS, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Good Shepherd Application for SCOUT VOLUNTEERS

Step 2 – Download this Powerpoint PDF

Step 3 – Use the PowerPoint file to help you with this QUIZ for SCOUT VOLUNTEERS

Step 4 – Read the AGE SPECIFIC GUIDELINES for SCOUT VOLUNTEERS and submit form

Step 5 – Authorize a background check for SCOUT VOLUNTEERS

Step 6 – copy and email the link below to the references you listed on the first GOOD SHEPHERD APPLICATION

Reference form for SCOUT VOLUNTEERS

Living Word Forms

Health Form for Youth