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Ash Wednesday

The Way Forward

Do As I Do: Family Business

Ever Onward

Envision: Emmanuel

Envision: Love

Envision: Peace

Envision: Hope

Impact: Empowered

Impact: Lord, Lord

Four Pillars: Celebrate

Four Pillars: Serve

Four Pillars: Learn

Four Pillars: Worship

Cultivate: Self Control

Cultivate: Gentleness

Cultivate: Faithfulness

Cultivate: Goodness

Cultivate: Kindness

Cultivate: Patience

Cultivate: Peace

Cultivate: Joy

Cultivate: Love

Fear is a Liar

Light One Candle

Keep Asking

Fit for Life: Service

Fit for Life: Prayer

Fit for Life: Lectio Divina

Fit for Life: Worship

Ash Wednesday 2018

Greetings from Slovakia

Unafraid: All. The. Time.

Unafraid: Focus

Unwrapped: Christmas Eve

Love Walk Do: Walk Humbly

Love Walk Do: Love Mercy

Sounds of Silence: Fasting

Sounds of Silence: Sabbath

Phobias: Money

Phobias: Rejection

Phobias: Loneliness

Hind Sight

From Darkness to Light

Christmas Message

Foretold: Abiding Presence

On Earth as In Heaven

We Believe: Life Eternal

We Believe: The Trinity

IMAGINE: Achieve It

IMAGINE: Believe It


Tarnished Gold: Jonah

Tarnished Gold: Samson

Multiply: Part 2

Multiply: Part 1

A New Journey

Wait, What?!

Nike Grace

Prodigal Grace

When Grace Seems Absent

The Grace of a Mother Hen