Estranged Family Support Group

Mondays beginning September 11 - December 4, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Are you experiencing a strained relationship with a family member who has emotionally and physically separated from you due to anger, resentment or disappointment? Or are you the one who is feeling hurt and disconnected from your family? If yes, then we have good news for you.

The Estranged Family Support group is here to help you heal and mend your broken relationships. The group is facilitated by Lee Foster, a Living Word Stephen Minister, and will begin on Monday evening, September 11, and continue until December 4. We will be using Fault Lines, an easy-to-read book by Dr. Karl Pillemer, to guide our discussions. If you want to join us and start your healing journey, register below or you may contact Lee at or 314-691-7691. We look forward to having you in our group.