Wondering where can you use YOUR gifts and interests to take the next step on YOUR Journey? COMING SOON, you will be able to access Living Word's personalized tools to help you branch out on your walk with Christ by clicking here!

“Journey” at Living Word is all about creating a pathway for discipleship, so that people seeking to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ have the best opportunity to do so.


We seek to create a community that is:

Open to people of all walks of life
Warm, inviting, and invested in personal relationships
Offering diverse and dynamic opportunities to engage in the faith journey with others
Focused on giving back to the people of our church, our community, and our world
Leading people to a deeper and more personal relationship with Jesus Christ


Click on the blocks below to learn more about the many ways YOU can take the next step on your faith journey at Living Word!

Adult Learn

Living Word offers a variety of classes and Bible studies for adults, to help you to engage with God’s work of spiritual growth in grace. Learn more about these opportunities here.

Caring Ministries

Caring Ministries at Living Word provide opportunities to serve Christ as we live out God’s call to care for one another. You can learn more about all of them here!


At Living Word, we celebrate our place in the West County community. Learn more about how to participate in special events that serve our Wildwood neighbors here. 

LW Kids

Through Living Word’s Children’s Programs, children can take the next step on their own faith journeys. Learn more about programs for children, and how to serve in them, here.


God’s gift of music helps all of us to worship and to sing God’s praise. Living Word has many opportunities for you to use your musical talents for the glory of God – learn more here!

In-Church Service

It takes a lot of people to create a welcoming Sunday morning experience. In-Church Service provides a way for you to volunteer in any of our Sunday morning service opportunities. You can learn more about these opportunities here.


Jesus calls us to care for the least, the last, and the lost. Living Word provides many opportunities to serve in both community and world missions, often in partnership with external organizations. Right here is where you can learn more about how you can help!

Social Groups

Fellowship in community with one another is a hallmark of the Christian life. Living Word offers several groups through which you can build Christian relationships through shared interests or demographics. You can learn more about these groups right here.

LW Youth

Through our Youth Programs, middle and high school students can take the next step on their own faith journeys. Learn more about programs for youth, and how to serve in them, here.