Parents of College Students – Release My Grip

Parents of College Students

Parenthood isn’t over after kids leave the nest…it’s just a new season.  Saying goodbye to children as they leave the nest and learn to fly ushers parents into an emotional time of grief, joy, and nostalgia. If you are that parent, please join us as we walk this journey together.  We will use the lighthearted book, Release My Grip (Kami Gilmour), to deepen our relationship with Jesus as we enter this new season of parenting.

Our first get-together will be Wednesday, August 8, 7pm, at the home of Valerie Novatny.  We will meet monthly after that with the exception of December, January, and March (Christmas season, Holiday breaks, and spring breaks).

Below are the scheduled dates:

August 8, September 12, October 10, November 14, February 6, April 10, and May 1

If you are interested in joining the group, please reserve your spot by emailing Valerie Novatny, Director of Congregational Care, at or by calling 636-821-2823. Please invite your neighbors and friends that may be going on this journey as well.

To order the book, please click here.  The cost of the book is $10.

We hope you will join us!!